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tv   Headline News  RT  November 18, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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auntie obtained security video showing the deadly plane crash with the jet nose diving and bursting into flames. in the south germany's held a special parliament session over spying allegations with chancellor merkel complaining of a lack of trust with washington. and the russian called the greenpeace arctic ship's medic and a photographer both charged with hooliganism along of course with others who tried to storm the oil rig in september we've got the latest coming up this hour too about back.
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there if you just joined us this is our to international one is kevin oh it's just after midnight now here in moscow and first this hour ati's obtained dramatic video of the final terrifying moments of tatarstan flight three six three which crashed killing all fifty on board in. can offer ports from the site of the tragedy. a new footage of the actual moment of the plane crash here in cousin does provide a clearer picture of what happens but it actually raises even more questions into what could have caused this horrific tragedy because earlier we were reported and we're told that the plane sort of slid the runway then exploding while the new footage shows it knows diving into the ground and then joining into this huge ball of fire there's a lot of hope that the answers will be provided by information from the flight recorders which have been found by now but they have been damaged severely in this crash in the explosion they've been delivered to moscow now and it's going to take
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some time for them to be decoded for this vital information to be taken out to finally understand who or what is to blame for this tragedy whether was a technical malfunction off the aircraft or human error or any other reasons monday has been and still is a day of mourning for the fifty people that were on board this plane all of them died. i think. definitely the a local sienna specially the family members are in shock. even a lot of people that i've been talking to have been saying that this is was quite a popular flight they do understand that they could have been easily in their seats one woman told about her emotions she lost her son in this tragedy he was such a good boy healthy and handsome he had a good family his son is only three years old he made many plans for the future.
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psychologists are working with. the relatives of the victim so they obviously are in a deep state of shock but this is also now the time for them to start no matter how difficult it is to start dealing with some of the consequences and to start identifying the bodies of the victims. there's been a major outpouring of grief on the internet on state t.v. sports commentator a lost his wife and step daughter in this tragedy and in his twitter account he wrote the question how to live after this also russia's president idea of fortune expressed his condolences to the families of the victims he also. spoke on the forum with the president of the republic after their son whose older son was also on board the plane he died he got married not so long ago and it turns out that
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his pregnant wife was also supposed to be on the plane but miraculously she wasn't because he talked her out of it so this is definitely a major tragedy for this whole town and well it's going to take time for a wife to get back to normal here. you could press can offer reporting there well it was a gust igniting when the plane went winds were pretty strong up to eleven meters a second the polish trying to abort their landing requested to second attempt when the jet plummeted to the ground passengers who traveled on the same plane from cars on to moscow just a few hours earlier spoke to us and they said the landing was also made high winds it was also frightening these pilots but in. the flight itself went quite smoothly but just before the landing the plane started vibrating fiercely the plane was shaking it was direct from side to side linda to now first attempt but it was a really bad landing and they felt like the plane was going to roll off the runway . so many questions still to be answered well i spoke to
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a civil aviation consultant royce just after this happened yesterday he used to fly the same type of plane involved in the cars on disaster he told me there's always a combination of factors behind any crash that was a poor repair that led to fatigue in obviously catastrophic failure but all of these factors are going to be looked at normally in interim urgency you want to get the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have caused of the aircraft to not litter on its first attempt was weather a factor were. crew fatigue crew illness there are going to be so many things that have to be looked at keeping in mind there are accidents generally don't have been from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to a catastrophe like this. stay with t. for updates as developments come in about this accident get across more details of the tragedy online at r.t.
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dot com. germany's had a special parliamentary session on spying on the heels of a scandal triggered by leaks that u.s. and british intelligence services have been extensively targeting its officials in her statement chancellor merkel complained that trust with washington was undermined as a bowling correspondent peter all of our reports. we've heard the chancellor speaking to that special session of parliament today saying that it was only through investigation into these allegations that trust could be could be regained merkel stressing the gravity of these allegations of a widespread spying program by both the united states and g c h q from the british. of course britain the united states and germany count themselves as very close allies and that's been something that has certainly struck cold here to. keeping such close tabs on on each other and in fact that angle of merkel's own
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private telephone may have been hacked by the united states it was noticeable today while she was speaking in parliament that she was using pen and paper as opposed to her. usual smart phone in hand that she usually house during these type of meetings . talk about how to build that trust though it is said it's going to come down to an investigation the the opposition parties here in germany had wanted an extensive parliamentary inquiry they haven't been given that and they've criticized angela merkel for not going far enough when it comes to investigating these allegations of widespread spying and i've been speaking to to senior political figures in europe they've told me that they're not they expect spy agencies will look into government but what's been special about what's happened here in germany is while it seems that business and private citizens have been the main targets now that prompted over a hundred fifty thousand people put their names to
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a petition that was handed to parliament today petition among other things called for edward snowden to be allowed to come here to germany to be granted asylum here . well guess who's been checking up on diplomats checked into big hotels british intelligence partly has there been secret service in the rooms of four of the piece of the top three hundred fifty hotels worldwide according to latest revelations in germany to speak of news magazine leaked by edward snowden so the program was called royal concierge apparently an interception reservation confirmations when they sent to government addresses for monitored hotels the agency can then quote prepare the rooms for detailed surveillance that doesn't mean a bunch of flowers or the microphone it means bug phones and computers john good's is a german investigative journalist who met snowden here in moscow last month along with a german m.p. he told us government badly need the whistle blows assistance that's one of the things that's been discussed is the question of how to get input from of the person who actually knows the most about the documents right now all of the documents are
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being kind of read in and reported on by journalists who of course you know are doing their best are doing the best job they can but these are complicated things and it would make sense to get expertise i mean from the person and knows the system and and the n.s.a. from the inside as a matter of fact i mean the interior minister and other leading people in the german government have acknowledged the importance of snowden's allegations i mean the fact that angle americal actually called president obama about. the story about her cell phone was not just the basis of a newspaper story it was that basically the german authorities had found out that this was true. the producer of the last couple of third member from a group of greenpeace protesters has been released on bail in some petersburg thirty activists were arrested two months ago in the. russian arctic will try to
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board an oil rig you may recall two were bell the earlier monday artie's reflections and simply to. bring us the latest so a third member know how many more trust terms this is going to take where is it heading. toward russia's investigative committee has applied. has made thirty applications for all thirty members of the so-called arctic thirty the detainees of the arctic sunrise so obviously during this week the hearings will continue here in st petersburg but this monday it's been a long day of law and hearings kalinski court that you can see behind me has ruled to release on bail three russian citizens three members of the so-called arctic thirty the arctic sunrise a ship a doctor and two journalists the bail was set at two million rubles which is a little bit more than sixty thousand dollars and as soon as the money is putting
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all the three detainees will be released and experts say that it will not take more than two or three maximum days and this is a very good news for the detainees families we would tend to the hearings today and we saw them these were very touching moments but these day was not that good for all the detainees as another call closer here in st petersburg just ten to fifteen minutes drive away from where we are now has decided to extend the pretrial detention for a greenpeace activist a fifty nine year old man from australia the organization already said that they condemned this decision of freshers court and they would appeal the extension oh well this week marks two months since thirteen men and women from nine. eighteen different countries mostly greenpeace activists but also the arctic sunrise crew and journalists were detained just a little background here for you to refresh what happened in september the vessel
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of greenpeace approach to gazprom spitters lol no all drilling drilling platform in russia's northern picture i see the only one of these kind so far in the arctic and attempted to hold themselves on this platform and i have to say that this is not for the first time as the activist of this same organization last year tried to perform the same stunt and they actually managed to get on the platform and spend more than ten hours there with their banners but these here almost within minutes they all were arrested by russia's coast guard and initially charged with piracy they were all facing up to thirty years fifteen years in prison but then the chargers were changed and became the charges over hooliganism and the maximum punishment for that is seven years in jail they were all first held in russia support of movements but we could go where tourists were here to st petersburg
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where they are now kept in three different detention centers well we can see the continue the continuation of this story on tuesday and wednesday and probably till the next week so. as i said russian investigative committee made thirty applications for roll the detainees so we'll see more hearings this week ok maria financial thanks from st petersburg. coming up from bits to lot calling this a record breaking weekend it's got washington worried coming up that we take a look at why lawmakers want to clip the digital currency is playing.
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the french president sending a message of support to israel speaking to parliament in jerusalem francois hollande said paris wouldn't back down on the sanctions regime against iran until the country gives up its nuclear program meanwhile a british newspaper claims israel may join forces with saudi arabia in a military campaign against iran if they don't approve a whatever atomic agreement is reached and in another development russia's president putin a spoken to iran's leader ahead of wednesday's global talks. the russian president vladimir putin held a telephone conversation with his iranian counterpart rouhani and in that conversation pushed and told him that there was a real chance that the international standoff over iran's nuclear program could ultimately be solved now this comes just two days ahead of slated talks that will take place in geneva between the six global powers and iran's and if any kind of
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indication is accurate that there will be some kind of deal reached this will happen then potentially this week and at the same time what we're hearing from the british newspaper the sunday times is that if a deal is reached this puts the option of a military strike by israel and saudi arabia back on the table both of them are worried that the deal would see international sanctions against iran lifted while the country continues with its nuclear enrichment program according to the sunday times riyadh is offering tel aviv tactical support in the form of allowing israeli warplanes to use its airspace in any kind of possible military strike and at the same time allowing the israelis to use saudi tanker planes drones as well as helicopters these saudis are reportedly furious over any kind of possible deal and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has repeatedly said that he will do everything it takes to make sure that his country is secure particularly as regards
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iran the last time the world powers mitt to discuss the iranian nuclear program was back on november tenth and at that stage no agreement was reached and one of the major critics was the french and right now you have the french president francois hollande visiting israel and palestine he's here on a three day visit and now it netanyahu has urged him to keep up the pressure against iran and western allies francois hollande by what indications is going to do this earlier he did say that there were four conditions that paris was insisting on if. indeed any kind of deal with iran is to be brokered and these conditions are that only raney and nuclear installations need to be put under international supervision immediately that enrichment needs to be suspended to the twenty percent level that the existing stock needs to be reduced and that iran needs to halt construction on the iraq plant it on yahoo has praised the french president for his
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position the views of iran and its nuclear program as a middle east correspondent spoke to a former iranian diplomat who represented to run talks for the u.n. nuclear watchdog you pointed to major contradictions in france's position over. france has blocked the peaceful because of israeli claims i think this is a historical mistake france is making the i.a.e.a. has a multi five thousand. inspections or you're in your nuclear program and frequently has announced the reason no evidence of diversion toward the opposition this is clear but i really do have the real concern of france is a nuclear bomb because france has a strategy to relations with israel is not a member of n.p.t. . to four hundred nuclear bombs therefore france should not be concerned about
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nuclear bomb france help israel to master nuclear bomb france heard in the year two nuclear bomb therefore france has a very very bad record. my own construction workers in catarrh are suffering from systematic human rights abuse according to a newly published report from amnesty international the gulf kingdom's door international focus as it prepares to host the twenty twenty two fee for world cup now testimony some workers say the big treated like cattle without misty in indicating that some abuses amount of forced labor violations include unpaid wages harsh and dangerous conditions as well as overcrowded and unsanitary housing the report highlights how the exploitation is happening and one of the world's richest countries of course we had more about the report from amnesty as head of refugee and migrant rights. what we found was that there are systemic problems with be. my guest workers encounter and many of them are subjected to data expectation
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for example which i think people who. were deceived about the baby getting caught or some people have been deceived about the kind of work they were doing there we found many workers who had not been eight. for a long time. some of them had not been paid for months at a time we found the workers who had been stuck in the country trying to leave their desperate in some cases the side of trying to be done able to because they would not get them exit permit teaches the court. in some circumstances there. were people who were in conditions that most paper. i spoke to a german filmmaker who went to catherine self to investigate the situation but his cameraman then to tell you that interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spark a riot by trying to talk to these workers tell me what he on cup would know about the problems migrant workers face when they get to cat. four of them they haven't
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got paid for seven months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the cup ration. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but most of the sponsors obviously take the passports away from the migrant workers and that puts zero numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. so indifferent now once upon a time the planet mars was just like earth apparently now scientists want to know what went wrong you can read about that in the website nasa is sending up
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a new orbiter the study of the red planet sky's discover why it became uninhabitable millions of years ago details of that mission are on our website and europe's most active volcanoes at the again putting on a show in the sky above sicily well look at that a breath taking view of the erupting mount that they're in are in motion section. right to see. first street. and i think you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. will be in the. in brief a manhunt under way for gun money from some shot and critically injured a photographer with a hunting rifle that newspapers head office now all the main media offices in paris
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are being heavily guarded by police tonight the attacker escaped from the scene in hijacked a car forcing the driver to take him to the shells at least say police confirmed it's the same man who were tied to twenty four hour t.v. channel on friday no shots were fired then but he did threaten quote not to miss next time a huge rebel bomb attacks rocked a government building northwest of damascus has killed at least thirty one troops an opposition group which is part of the western backed free syrian army says it carried out the assault and posted this video on the web to prove it the attack comes despite efforts brokered by russia and the u.s. to bring the rival sides in the civil conflict to the negotiating table and that easier has recalled its ambassador to australia now in an angry response to alleged spying it stems from more leaks by edward snowden revealing that a strain here has been listening in to the indonesians. president's phone calls but it's not the first espionage tension between the me that indonesia had someone destroy his ambassador over reports that its embassy in jakarta was used as part of
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a u.s. led surveillance network in asia. the digital currency bitcoin reached a record high this weekend of five hundred dollars each it's having a real roller coaster ride with its value reputation no particularly because it's frequently linked to internet black market transactions despite it rapidly becoming the twenty first century money spinner washington still not so sure it can be trusted as you can found out. there's around one point two trillion dollars circulating in u.s. currency compared to around three billion dollars in bitcoin so big coin is still a very small phenomenon but it's growing and very rapidly the value of a big coin has increased ten fold since early two thousand and thirteen bitcoin bypasses government currency this is not subject to any regulations and at the moment the government is looking at it with suspicion citing concerns that the virtual currency is being useful facilitating illegal activity like drug trade.
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we've seen things like bitcoin and others these internet based currencies that are not subject to regulation or oversight and we're working very hard to look at how we can counteract that. but bitcoin supporters are pointing to the fact that this new peer to peer payment system is being used in a widening variety of transactions corners for example are now actively chipping in to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines the u.s. government and the u.s. federal reserve obviously can still neither rapid development bitcoin and are right now thinking how to maybe incorporate bitcoin into the conventional money system possibly wishing to see bitcoin as more of a technological innovation rather than a truly stateless and independent currency in washington i'm going to check on well one of the tuition terms will be following it now here's how it works if you still wondering to use big codes you just create an online wallet that's identified with
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a digital code and transactions can be processed between users without a middleman cutting out the financial institutions and governments jeffrey tucker is a big proponent of this he's not condemned the q campaigns to free up global economics he says there's no way the authorities can bridle bit cohen. governments always like to control money they like to control currency and frankly washington is starting to get a little panicked about becoming a year ago it was a laughing stock and now people are starting to worry. they don't want anything that happens out of their control and that kind really just doesn't care actually it's a perfect currency and it is immune from abuse by governments and regulators and no one controls it quite it's purely a product of global international market of traders and users so in that sense because it is a revolutionary tool to free people from oppression from their nation states
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governments can try to control it but ultimately they cannot on used to make use of us twenty four seven a corset r t dot com next news bulletin with make heaven only just over half an hour from now but next after the break for our international viewers our lights the past seven days of top flight sport with partridge meanwhile if you're watching a britain evening to you we've new show for you going undergrad wherever you're watching this is international. but i'm not talking about languages well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for like you put the no i will leave them to stay close to comment on your. secure place on the dock you know. thank you no more weasel. when you need
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a direct question the pretty for a change would you. be ready for a. freedom of speech a little town to forget. deliberate george is on a big journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through to my mother town two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people for sixty five dollars a month. in a record setting trip by my own air sea and others phase. olympic torch relay. m r t r.
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hello welcome to the r t sport show twenty seven minutes of top sports from russia and around the globe with me outraged to hear all the top stories. arabian nights' russia held to a one one draw by serbia in a friendly in dubai as fabio capello's men kick start their preparations for next year as well. while the red bulls flying as forming a one champion sebastian vettel made it a record eight winners in a row russian teenager at danielle that drives the sister team toro rosso for the first time. and short track to sochi korean born speed skater picked up on a wins gold for russia in the last qualifying events before the winter olympics. but first a football in fabio capello's russia began the can down to next year's world cup with a one one draw against serbia in dubai in the first of two international friendlies in five days doesn't anybody. russia will be heading to their first world cup
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finals in twelve years after winning their qualifying group with seven wins out of town but coach fabio capello isn't resting on his laurels ahead of the tournament in brazil however the italian did the rest most of his regular starters in the friendly against serbia including former ski but you get a diesel and the injured strike olic signed the contract off and tested several backup players which gave him food for thought. this is good for me doing this thing that there are some players because a lot of players played the game with the national team and. i and i mean you have been because i can see something new and this is. good for me too to cross. in contra serbia have just missed out on their first world cup in twelve years but will do.


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